Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Quick DIY

I've taken a little detour in the midst of creating ... For years now, stemming back to when I was a Stampin Up Demo, I have been using sponges to apply ink to my projects, and it's been working just fine, but it can be messy on my hands. I know that there are ink applicators to purchase out there and call me cheap if you must, but with a limited budget for craft supplies, I would prefer to buy bling, flowers or other fun stuff over that. So I dug into my craft stash and found supplies to make my own.
Here is what I used ...
I took 2 of the rectangle wood pieces and glued (Mod Podge) them together for thickness. Then glued the "handle" on. I adhered the velcro to the bottom, I used my tape runner because I only had the sew~able velcro not the sticky backed, and it worked just fine, it is very sturdy.

Then I cut a strip of felt into the appropriate size pieces to pop onto the velcro, and I have a ton of felt left over.

I'm going to use up the rest of the supplies and make 3 more. This project cost me nothing at the moment because I had the supplies on hand, but it is a very inexpensive project.
Each bag of wooden pieces was $1.47, the felt was .50 @ Michaels and the velcro I had gotten at Dollar Tree. 4 applicators for under $1 each, not to bad, I'm pleased.

Thanks for stopping by!

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